five-star – 3/100


IMPREINT - en plein air - five-star

Author: IMPREINT journal

The official bulletin of the artist IMPREINT created to host excerpts of the project 'En plein air'.

19 thoughts on “five-star – 3/100”

  1. I love this. A close friend and I, until we were injured in the same automobile accident, used to leave cardboard art with intensely sunny themes and no explanation around Vancouver (Canada) where we then lived. There was so much glum, politics for the sake of politics and so little lightness and celebration of simple things in which to delight… we wanted (naively, I was young then) to shift the balance and settled for perhaps the occasional disruption in a time when random wasnt a hip term but instead the suggestion of a way to view the world a little less dimly, like a young child might. Nothing came of it, to my knowledge, but I still recall the clandestine adventures of placing pedestrian art about a town soured with it’s own “Art” with fondness and a sense of quiet rebellion. Your project strikes a chord – thank you.

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  2. I was fascinated by the interview. You and I share many ideas. A man on the street once asked me for a dollar. I told him that I would not give him a dollar. I told him that he must earn it. He looked perplexed. I said, “It really isn’t very hard to earn it, maybe you could just tell me a joke or a story that would make me smile or laugh. That would be worth a dollar.” He did, I laughed, and handed him a dollar. Then he told me another joke. Another dollar. And yet another joke. Another dollar. I said, “You could go into business.” And hour later I passed by and he had made a sign saying “Jokes: One for a Dollar. 6 for Five Bucks.” Entrepreneurialism is alive and well in the San Francisco Bay area.

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  3. Fascinating image & interview link (have saved the post to really fully). Quirky art that works. Reminds me of the mid / late 60s, 70s – books w/titles like “Steal this Book” (or something like that 😊) and girls putting flowers into soldiers’ rifles on college campuses and streets. I’m sure it wasn’t new, only to my growing up era then. But what I really like about this what Impreint is showing, is that the human spirit keeps coming back to this. A leavening. Rebalancing. In such an (almost) innocent manner. Very effective. Very welcome ❤️

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